Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

This machine adopts international advanced technology, covers the circle label on the pet bottle, and then hot shrinking to fix on special the position in which the bottle body is designed.

This machine is compact and suitable for the production line of different directions and different heights.

The machinery part adopts a combination designing of modularization and makes the machine reasonable.

The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating; It is convenient to replace the material.

The special cutter head design, makes the film-rolling cut more exactly and reliably.

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Packing speed 15package/min
Packing form 2×3, 3×3, 3×4 etc
Wrappage max size L2400×W650×H450mm
Applicable bottle: Round bottle like glass, PET, can etc. Bottle external diameter: 60-90 height: 70-340.
Working pressure three phrase five line 380V/50HZ
Compressed gas source  0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 25m3/H
Shrinking tunnel L×W×H=4200×1100×1700(mm)
Sealing and cutting temperature 130℃~200℃
Shrinking temperature 160℃~280℃
Packing material PE, POF, PV etc. Film width: ≤580mm Film thickness: 0.03-0.15 Film diameter:  ≤400 mm
Working noise ≤65dB
Total power 26KW 380V/50HZ
Total weight about 2500kg
 Overall dimension L×W×H=10000×1100×2200(mm)


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Unique 90-degree feed structure, better than the industry straight feed, the maximum saving for space area.
Unique Master-slave design, change the industry shaft putter to belt spindle, synchronization between putter and film sending, film picking and sending, make the equipment operation more smoothly.
Unique displacement film picking structure, change the industry circular motion to elliptical motion, shortening the length of the belt, reducing equipment space.
Unique analog voltage regulator technology, change the industry SSR output to analog output, change the original On and off temperature control to automatic voltage regulator temperature control, completely eliminate frequent on-off impact on the grid, and reduce energy consumption.
Using 2-axis servo control, maximize the degree of automation equipment.

1. Feeding bottles and tiding bottles: This process is finished during the conveying.
2. Automatic film covering and sealing institution:
A. Tow film: the film conveyor speed can be adjustable, driven by gear speed reduction and adjusted motor.
B. Float film covering device: The tension can be adjustable.
C. Sealing and cutting device: Heat sealing and heat cutting
3. Heat shrinking machine:
A. Teflon netting belt conveyor, stable running.
B. Heating adopts a stainless steel galvanothermy tube with a cooling fin, heating by temperature control, adjustable thermostat.
C. Install a hot wind cycle motor on the upside, which has a wind direction adjusting device.
D. The inner tunnel adopts stainless steel.


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