Automatic Servo Palletizer for Carton Box and Bags

The servo palletizer is used to stack cartons or film-wrapped products on pallets in a certain arrangement, and then automatically stack them. It can stack multiple layers and then push them out for forklifts to transport them to the warehouse for storage. This equipment uses PLC + touch screen control to achieve intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce the number of workers and reduce labor intensity. It can switch between different products and pallet types without adding change parts, and is suitable for palletizing film packages, cartons, turnover boxes and other products.

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Palletizing speed 15-40 packs/minute (palletizing speed is related to pallet size and palletizing type)
Maximum applicable pallet size 1200*1200 mm (or customized according to customer requirements)
Applicable power supply three-phase five-wire 380V/50HZ
Power consumption 9.5KW/hour
Equipment size 5800*5500*3300 mm (L*W*H)


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Film package input and sorting device

1. The film packages delivered by the film package machine are divided into equal parts according to the same spacing through roller conveyor and acceleration belt separator, and the products are separated by the acceleration belt line to prepare for turning and grouping in advance;
2. The film packages are turned or not turned through the pre-set PLC program;
3. The products are transported to the alignment platform through the roller conveyor to realize automatic alignment and grouping of products;
4. The film conveying platform pushes the first row of aligned film packages to the stacking partition layer with a cylinder, and pushes them back and forth according to the stacking type design to form a whole layer of stacking.
Lifting and stacking device
When the film packages are arranged on the alignment platform to form a layer, they are pushed into the elevator platform by the cylinder transfer mechanism. The elevator lifts the pallet forward to the upper part of the stacking position and places it steadily on the pallet (or the previous sorting layer) to form automatic stacking. The stacking device relies on variable frequency motors and chains to complete its lifting, lowering and forward (backward) movements.
Pallet stacking and automatic supply device
1. Pallet supply device: The pallet warehouse can stack 10-12 empty pallets and supply pallets to the palletizing device regularly according to the program requirements. Powered by a separate motor.
2. Pallet output device: When a pallet reaches the number of stacking layers, a signal is issued to push the solid pallet out of the stacking part. The solid pallet is sent to the designated position through the elimination conveyor belt.

Equipment material:

Frame: SS41 (A3 steel spray paint)
Shaft: S45C bearing steel
Roller: Double-end bearing roller (galvanized)
Hood: SS41 (A3 steel spray paint)
Guide plate: SS41 (A3 steel spray paint)

Equipment features:

The touch screen operation is used to realize human-machine dialogue, which can display the production speed, fault cause and location, and has a high degree of automation. The PLC programmable program can be used to program the sorting and stacking layers of cartons, the supply and discharge of pallets.
The pneumatic components and cylinders produced by Taiwan Yadek are used, with reliable quality and performance.
The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical sensing devices. When the cover door is opened, the machine stops working to protect the personnel.
The stacking method is convenient and simple to adjust, and can be done on the touch screen.
The carton supply system is controlled by a brake motor to ensure that the film package is delivered at a pre-set position.
The pallet warehouse has a large capacity and can accommodate 10-12 empty pallets, which can realize automatic supply of pallets.
Several stacking methods can be completed without replacing stacking parts.
The safety door has an automatic sensing function. When the safety door is opened, the equipment automatically stops stacking, which can effectively ensure the safety of the operator. When the safety door is closed, the equipment automatically resets and continues stacking.


Product input – product sorting – automatic stacking – product stacking – automatic unstacking

Machine features:

This machine is a gantry-type low-position palletizer, which uses touch screen operation to realize human-machine dialogue, can display production speed, fault cause and location, and has a high degree of automation. The PLC programmable program can be used to program and control the sorting and stacking layers of cartons, pallet supply and discharge. The stacking method can be adjusted on the touch screen, and the operation is simple and convenient.
Applicable product types: cartons, film packages, oil drums and other products with relatively flat surfaces


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