Blowing Filling Capping Multi Head Pure Water Monobloc Combination Machine

The machine is mainly used for the packaging of PET bottle drinking water, including the function of blowing, washing, filling, and capping.

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NO. Model Capacity Remark
1 8-24-8 12000bph 500ml
2 12-32-10 18000bph 500ml
3 16-40-15 24000bph 500ml
4 16-40-15 36000bph 500ml


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 1.Blowing unit

Special manipulator delivers heated preforms to moulds along certain cam curve. After stretch pre-blow, the preform will be blown to bottles by connecting high pressure compressed air. Special manipulator sends the finished bottle out along certain cam curve.

2. Filling unit

The blow-made bottles are transported to filler via starwheel. After entering filler, the bottle is held by gripper of lifting cylinder and realizes up and down under effect of cam. The filler adopts gravity filling way. Bottle mouth rises to open filling valves and start filling. While product rises and plugs up air return hole, the filling will be finished. After filling, bottle mouth moves down and leaves the filling valve.

3. Capping unit

Bottles enter capper via transition starwheel. The anti-rotation knife of capper blocks bottle neck to keep bottle vertical and prevent rotation. Capping heads keep revolution and do rotation. Under effect of cam, the action of gripping cap, sleeve cap, screwing cap and discharging cap to finish the whole capping course. The finished bottles are conveyed via bottle-out starwheel onto bottle-out conveyor, and then are sent out of the combiblock. The whole machine adopts console sealing windows, beautiful and decent.


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