Bird’s Nest Liquid Filling and Seaming Machine

Bird’s Nest Liquid Filling and Seaming Machine

hot sale can automatic filling and sealing machine for kola, honey bird’s nest , beer, This machine used for liquid filling and other similar product.

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Capacity: 8000cph
filling valve: 18units
seaming head: 4units
Can diameter Φ65mm
Can height 122~160mm
Power: 6.5KW
Dimensions: L×W×H=2400×1750×2200(mm)


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 Can washing machine for Bird’s Nest

It automatically jets and sterilizes the inner and surface of the can. All the materials are made of stainless steel. When the tank turned into the first tank after tank-cleaning ,and appearance under the temperature by a porous pipes with red spray,0.5meters can then rotate in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning ,and then turned the extension device can slide into the next chain road.  Pay attention to the cans in the slipway are not stopped, to prevent irrigation water controlling line speed is not the net.

It is used to clean empty can in canning production line.When empty cans enter into rinser, they will be cleaned by 80℃ hot water (provided by customer) to reach aseptic state of can. There is certain  inclination angle in both sides of rinser, whose size could be adjusted properly when needed.  


Technical parameters

– constructed material: SUS 304

– dimension: 2000 L *500 W*2300Hmm

– weight:150 Kg

– power:  2.6kw

can filling mechanism for Bird’s Nest

It has 18 filling valves. It is quick, steady and accurate.


Major electrical components used in Japan Mitsubishi PLC, inverter and proximity switches,

Siemens of Germany’s Simulation output and solenoid valves of South Korea, it is all designed to the most reasonable configurations by the experienced electrical engineers of our company, The whole production speed can be in accordance with the requirements in the touch screen set, all common automatic fault alarm, and the corresponding location of the fault reason, according to the severity of failure, PLC automatically determine whether the host can continue to run.

sealing part forBird’s Nest

Automatic sealing equipment, especially suitable for tin cans, aluminum cans and other bottle types. It has  add nitrogen.


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