Glass Bottle Type Beer Filling Machine

Beer glass bottle filling machine is used for filling and sealing various kinds of glass bottles. The Beer Bottling Line adopts advanced international technology. The design is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, operation and maintenance are convenient, and it has a high degree of automatization. It is a good machine for choosing by the drinking filling factory.
DCGF series and PSGC series Carbonated Drink Filling Machines are widely used for beer, carbonated drinks, soda water, and spirit drinks for PET bottles and Glass bottles. The machine combines washing, filling, and capping three in one. The machine capacity can be from 2,000bph to 24,000bph based on different customer requirements. With the latest mechanical design and friendly human interface, the machine is easy to operate and maintain.
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Items PSGC24-24-6
Production capacity 6000-8000BPH (330ml)
Rinsing head 24
Filling head 24
Capping head 6
Suitable bottle height/diameter H=160-340mm,φ=50-100(330-1500ml)
Ring water pressure 0.25-0.3MPa
Filling style Isobaric filling
Filling accuracy(liquid level) ± 2.0 mm
Bottle break rate Max. 0.01% (1: 10, 000)
power 4.18KW
Size(mm) 3280×2420×3200
weight 5000Kg


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Washing: 18 heads

The rotary wheel is a fully SUS304 stainless steel welded structure of thickness not less than 12 – 15 mm. The machine will apply an overturning bottle clamp, and this bottle clamp grips the bottle at the neck position, avoiding bottle mouth thread contamination caused by the rubber gripper block of a traditional bottle clamp. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, the bottle clamp should be hygienic and durable. The atomizing spray nozzle should be highly efficient and installed on the bottle clamp to be capable of cleaning any part of the bottle’s inner wall and also save rinsing water. The rinser is driven by a driving system positioned inside the machine frame via gear transmission.

Filler:18 heads

Filling valves are reasonably structured with accurate filling.
Bottles go up and down in the function of the cam through the elevator, to process filling with contact to bottle-mouth.
The level of the cylinder is controlled with a float ball.
The filler is driven through gears inside the machine frame.
Link-wheels in rinser, filler, and capper are transported in ringed support of bottle-neck.

Capping: 6heads

The capper in the machine must have the highest
precision, influence very much the stability and reliability of the filling monoblock.


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