Linear Dish Detergent Filling Machine

This product is the latest filling machine carefully designed by our company. The overall performance of the product has reached the international advanced level. This product is a linear injection paste filling machine, which adopts PLC and touch screen automatic control. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, advanced structure, stable operation, low noise, large adjustment range, fast filling speed, etc. It can also adapt to volatile, crystallized, and foaming liquids; liquids that are extremely corrosive to rubber and plastics, as well as high-viscosity liquids and semi-fluids. The metering is digitally adjusted on the human-machine interface, and the required metering such as 100ml or 200ml can be set. The touch screen is reached at a touch, and the metering can be fine-tuned by a single head. The exposed parts of the machine and the parts in contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the surface is polished. The appearance is beautiful and does not pollute the environment, and it meets the requirements of GMP standards.

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Filling heads 8
Filling range 500-5000 ml
Filling speed 1 liter: ≤3000 bottles per hour
Filling accuracy ≤0.2-0.3%
Overall dimension 2600*1500*2200 (length*width*height)
Main engine power 3KW; 220/380V; 50/60HZ
Main engine weight about 1300kg
Air source 0.6-0.8MPa


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  1. Double stainless steel chain drive, compared with traditional belt drive, has less noise and stronger durability.
  2. Double screws are equipped with Panasonic high-power servo motors, running documents and standard accuracy.


  1. High-precision cylinder sleeves are used, and the cylinder sleeves have the function of cleaning after removal from the cylinder, which is convenient for cleaning and quick replacement of varieties.
  2. ESG valves are used, which have long service life and high filling accuracy.


  1. The main frame is made of 304 material, and the main precision parts are processed by high-precision CNC machine tools.
  2. The electrical materials are all internationally renowned brands, servo motor: Panasonic, low-voltage electrical appliances: Schneider, PLC: Mitsubishi, pneumatic components: AirTac, etc.


  1. The filling adopts the lifting function, which can realize the lifting while filling. Effective against highly foaming liquids.
  2. All pipe joints are quickly disassembled to ensure that the whole machine is beautiful and practical.


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