Oil Tracking Capping Machine

The latest tracking capping machine uses a tracking capping machine controlled by a servo motor, which does not damage the bottle cap, has a fast speed, is safe and stable, and has high capping efficiency.
This machine uses multiple servo motors to control the up and down, left and right movement of the cap. During the capping process, the bottle body moves continuously, and the PLC controls the operation of the entire machine, which does not damage the bottle cap and improves production speed and stability.

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Capping heads 1 head
Main engine power 3KW; AC220/380V, 50/60HZ
Production speed 2000-2400 bottles/hour
Applicable bottles/caps customized
Weight 1000kg
Equipped with air source 0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall dimensions (length*width*height) 2000mm*1300mm*2200mm


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1. Servo drive, multiple servo motors, fast and accurate rotation of bottle caps without damaging them.

2. Belt-type capping, anti-distortion capping device can be installed.

3. Servo motor is used to control the bottle belt, the speed is adjustable, and there is no liquid overflow or bottle inversion.

4. The adjustment mechanism is simple and convenient, and equipped with instruments for accurate positioning.

5. Portable cap design, only need to replace the cap to meet the production of new bottles.

6. Set up a rocker-type human-machine interface, one-key can switch different parameters and run the machine. And set sound and light alarm.


LCD touch screen operating system, Chinese and English operation interface, convenient and easy to learn.


Check whether the weight of a single product is consistent with the set target.


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