Aluminum Foil Filling & Sealing Machine

This machine is based on foreign technology and self-innovation. It integrates filling, automatic aluminum foil capping, sealing and other functions into one plastic bottle filling and sealing machine. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, especially for milk packaging of various plastic bottles. It is an ideal equipment for upgrading. It has accurate filling quantity and can eliminate foam. It has a high sealing yield. It reasonably adopts double oblique capping technology, which greatly improves the utilization rate of aluminum foil film. The mechatronic design transmission makes the operation more stable.

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product model CGRF24-24-18
production capacity 6000BPH
washing head 24 head
filling head 24 head
sealing head 18 head
sealing form electric heat sealing (temperature 150-250 degrees)
electronic control: switch electrical control
Dimension 2500X1830X2220


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1. Sealing of PE, PP plastic containers and glass containers;

2. Tight sealing, resistant to boiling, non-fading, suitable for imported and domestic equipment;

3. High temperature resistant, suitable for yogurt, lactic acid, fresh milk, jelly, pure milk, sweet milk, etc.;

4. Suitable for aluminum foil sealing of plastic containers for ultra-high temperature sterilized milk;


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