Automatic Beverage Canning Filling Machine

The canning filling production line can be applied to the canning of carbonated or non-carbonated beverages and beer, with a high degree of automation and stable performance, which is a trustworthy product for users and sells well at home and abroad.
Among them, the integration of filling and sealing is driven by the sealing machine to synchronize the transmission of the filling machine to ensure the stability of the filling level, shorten the distance between filling and sealing, and thus reduce the oxygen content in the tank. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel structure. A wide range of different can types can be adapted with simple changes. The special structure is used to adjust the front and back clearance between the upper and lower parts of the capping roller, which is very reliable to ensure the quality of the capping.

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Model BGF12/6 BGF18/6 BGF24/6 BGF32/8
Production capacity(500ml)(b/h)  1000-1200 2000-3000 4000-5000 6000-8000
total power(kw)  1.5 1.5 3.75 5.6
Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)  1700x1100x2300  1830x1320x2300  1950x1580x2500  2100x1850x2500
Total weight(kg) 2000 2400 3000 3500


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  • Space saving and easier operation: The filling machine is a full automatic multiple-function joint unit, integrating washing, filling, and capping into one unit.
  • More choices for you: It applies to washing, filling, and sealing different kinds of non-carbonated drinks such as fruit juice, oil, vinegar, wine, fruit wine, mineral water, and pure water.
  • High technology and health: This filling machine has features of unique design, novel style, complete functions, multi-purpose, strong adaptability, packed with sus304 material.. It is the ideal filling equipment in China.


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