Water Treatment System

Our Water treatment equipment is one of the main equipment for your pure water water making. By the filtering of this equipment, high-quality pure water can be produced according to your requirements.
Various materials are soluted in water., The basic way is to filter impurities in water with all kinds of mediums. It can get different filtering effects by adopting different filtering mediums. It can effectively get rid of the mixture of Fe, and Mn in water when filling ferromanganese. It also can effectively get rid of special smells and the rest of chlorine. It is widely used in primary purifying treatment in foodstuff, drink, and medicine industries. It can make water pure and diaphanous.
You can save more space as it occupies a small area. And your worker can learn how to run the machine soon, as it is easy and simple operation and maintenance.  High-quality stainless steel provides you long time life span. It is beautiful, durable, and healthy. meets the demands of food sanitation.

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Model RO 1000 RO-2000 RO-3000 RO-4000
Section area (m3) 0.28 0.5 0.78 1.13
Filtering speed(m/h) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Treating volume (m3/h) 2-3 4-6 8-10 12-15
Pressure (Mpa) <0.3 <0.3 <0.3 <0.3
Filter layer height (mm) 1200 1200 1200 1200
Inlet and outlet turbidity(mm) Ø 550*700*2150  Ø 650*900*2400 Ø 1100*1000*2600 Ø 1500*1200*2900
Weight(kg) 750 1200 1800 2200


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The machine is mainly used in the beverage-filling operations. Suitable for non-carbonated drink-filling machines, The three functions of bottle wash, fill and seal are composed in one body of the machine.

The whole process is automatic. The machine is used in filling juices, mineral water, and purified water in bottles made of polyester and plastics.

The machine can also be used in hot filling if it is installed with a temperature controlling device. The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

The filling operation is faster and more stable because the micro-pressure filling operation of the new type is adopted.
The advanced OMRON programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine to run automatically while a transducer is used in the bottle-entering chains to adjust speeds and coordinate with the transducer of the main machine to make the operations of moving the bottle forward steadily and reliably.
It is convenient to operate with higher automation because every part of the machine is inspected to run with photo electricity, On this basis, the filling parts of the machine can be changed into filling methods of lower vacuum. The filling category of lower vacuum (Z type machine) is applicable in glass bottles, filling alcohol, soy, and such materials. The aluminum theft-proof cap and plastic cap can be adopted.


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